Our Philosophy

Passion, sensitivity, culture, and emotions: this is the world of K di Kuore.
Each jewel tells a story of charm and style, the result of continuous research. Our creations are an example of 21st-century craftsmanship, a contemporary cult.
Our jewels are entirely handmade and therefore unique. The most traditional techniques are made contemporary by innovative design.
We rely on the skilled hands of our artisans, who shape gold with love and wisdom.

Welcome to our world.

Discover the traceability of your K di Kuore jewel

Our jewels are in 18k gold and the stones used are precious and semi- precious.
All materials come from a conflict-free production chain to guarantee traceability and achieve the highest ethical, economic, social and environmental standards. Talking about traceability means talking about sustainability. The logo on all our products guarantees their authenticity.
Each jewel comes with an international guarantee certificate.

Ethical and sustainable gold

The gold used in all of our jewellery comes from sources which have been verified as compliant with international best environmental practices and social standards worldwide recognised.
The gold is 100% ethical, recycled and responsibly sourced from refineries which only work with “RJC” gold.
The Responsible Jewellery Council is an international, non-profit organisation which was founded in 2005, in the context of jewellery manufacturing in
gold and diamonds, to promote responsible practices from an ethical, social and environmental point of view which respect human rights, from extraction to sale and therefore throughout the entire jewellery production chain.
We have always carefully chosen our partners and the gold used by K di Kuore is RJC certified and comes from non-conflict areas.
For us, there is no other way.

Responsibly sourced diamonds

The diamonds in all our jewels come from lawful sources, not involved in the financing of conflicts and in compliance with UN resolutions.
This ensures responsible sourcing and adherence to sustainable and ethical practices right along the entire supply chain.
We comply with the Kimberley Process scheme, i.e. a certification agreement aimed at ensuring that profits from the sale of diamonds are not used to finance civil wars.
All this is a further proof of the reputation and trust which customers feel towards a company like ours, which works ethically with love and respect for the fundamental rights of every human being and the environment.

Made in Italy craftsmanship

Artisanal manufacturing has always been one of the strengths of K di Kuore.
A jewel is initially created by the inspiration of an emotion or an idea which becomes a design.
We transform each design into a unique and one-of-a-kind jewel, through a working process which reflects the tradition of the trade and incorporates techniques of innovative production.
Our craftsmen’s hands masterfully combine knowledgeable creativity, experience and talent thus making our jewels distinctive.