Absolutely Handmade

The brand’s spirit is in the handcrafted jewelry it creates. Classic pieces with a modern touch, always inspired by nature’s essential elements.

Contemprary craftsmanship

K di Kuore’s jewelry is an example of contemporary 21stCentury craftsmanship. The mastery of handcraftsmanship is the soul of the brand. This craftmanship is our most appreciated distinguishing characteristic, in the eyes of our customers. Every gesture of our craftsman shapes the gold, making each piece they create unique and unrepeatable, proudly Made in Italy. All of K di Kuore’s products are in 18 carat gold, with precious and semi-precious stones which have been ethically sourced through a Conflict Free supply chain. All of our jewelry comes with a lifetime guarantee.


Through its study of design, K di Kuore leaves a modern imprint on the most classic designs. The company plays an important role as innovator and trendsetter thanks to its dynamic spirit and its young and exclusive designers. Each year, K di Kuore presents two new collections on the occasion of the most important international trade fairs, enabling the company to continually renew itself, while remaining faithful to its own style guide.


Nature is the brand’s main source of inspiration. The sun, its light and its vital energy, the sea and the power of the waves are the fundamental elements in K di Kuore’s creative process. Our product design is defined by intertwining elements that wrap around each other, symbolizing the bonds of human relationships. K di Kuore’s jewelry tells a story. Giannini believes that cultural comparisons between people from all parts of the world and their different traditions leads to new ideas and increased inspiration.