Contemporary Cult

Since its foundation in 1996, craftsmanship has been one of K di Kuore’s strengths. Its name encompasses the brand’s entire philosophy.

Our story

The story of K di Kuore began in Florence, the cradle of the renaissance, in 1996. After two decades working in the fashion industry, Giuliano Giannini decided to establish the brand, sharing his vision with a group of fashion designers. The brand’s objective from the outset was to marry traditional techniques with the most innovative designs in order to create fashionable jewelry with traditional shapes and volumes: a contemporary cult.

K di Kuore’s Creations

Each of K di Kuore’s creations is a story to be worn, to elicit emotion in the wearer: the brand has become synonymous with elegance and glamour. Our entirely handcrafted workmanship is one of K di Kuore’s strengths. The company has always relied upon handcraftsmanship and each of our pieces is, in fact, unique.

The name and the logo

The name K di Kuore embodies our entire company philosophy: a synthesis of opposites, between reason and emotion. On one hand, the heart, the engine of life from which passion, art and creativity take shape; and on the other, the letter K, intended by Giannini to symbolize these instincts. The heart that makes up the logo is open, symbolising a far-reaching vision, focused on the search for the new, on experimentation and change.